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Join a team of mindful, motivated people who are working towards the same goal.

Life at Lifecheq.

We value low-ego people who are sufficiently geeky about their craft, are missionaries rather than mercenaries and are obsessed with improving what they do every day for our customers. 

Green arrow100% remote with team members from 12 countries
Green arrowOutput over input, for a flexible work-life balance
Green arrowCompetitive packages are offered
Green arrowCore team consists of very senior people to learn from
Green arrowOur work is rewarding and has a meaningful impact
Green arrowThoughtful communication to enable collaboration
Lifecheq team

Values matter to us.



We accept that everyone is different and we don’t judge a person's choices, values or goals. We also accept that our continual success depends on our ability to adapt to our ever-changing world.



We build trust by acting with integrity in both our internal and external relationships; by consistently behaving with humility, honesty and transparency.



We have a healthy respect for excellence, paying attention to any and every detail. Yes, that means we sweat the small stuff.



We act mindful and on purpose, whether we’re dealing with a team member, partner or a client. Because we believe that the work we do can make a real difference in people’s lives, we do it with care.

Our roots are in South Africa, but our team is global.

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